Video for Engagement in the African Classroom and Beyond




Video for Engagement in the African Classroom and Beyond

26 MAY 2016 |:| 11:45 AM |:| ROOM ORLOV

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ABSTRACT: Video creation can, indeed, be a tool to empower teachers and students inside and outside of the classroom. At the University of Ghana Institute of African Studies, video documentation and dissemination have become central to classes and events. This presentation will focus on the use of video for engagement at the University of Ghana from a practitioner’s perspective. Two years ago at the Institute of African Studies, I introduced the innovation of recording and widely publicizing our weekly seminars. Recorded videos were then published to YouTube. Since that time four (4) of these videos have crossed the 1,000 views mark with three (3) more having crossed the 500 views threshold. This innovation has carried over to the classroom where recordings of classes are posted to YouTube for students to be able to review lectures at their leisure. Recently an MPhil student traveled to Burkina Faso and Mali but was able to keep abreast of all that was covered in the lecture he missed offering some of the most insightful comments and questions when he returned. Not long ago, this would not have been possible. Within the classroom itself, lectures are supplemented with video documentaries, animations and more to bring the course to life. Such innovations have led to empowered students who are able to retrieve specific information and empowered teachers who are able to supplement classroom learning in a variety of ways. These cases highlight new opportunities for interaction, creation and learning with digital media.


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