Why Kemet (Ancient Egypt) Matters!!! [2-hour video + 119 Slides!!!] (Original Version)




Hosted by Afrikan Renaissance Foundation (ARF)
13 October, 2015
Archaeology Department
University of Ghana – Legon

Video (Viewable Online) and Secured PDF of PowerPoint Presentation (downloadable) Combo Bundle

Video Duration: 2:07:25
Secured PDF of Lecture Slides: 119 Slides

Abstract: Did you know that Afrikan/Black people invented writing? Were you aware that the oldest book in the history of humanity was written by an Afrikan in Kmt ‘Land of Black People’ contemporarily known as Ancient Egypt? In this presentation we will provide examples that clearly show that Math, Science, Medicine, Architecture, History, Philosophy, Politics, Spirituality, Warfare and Combat Sciences, Agricultural Science, Astronomy, Culture, Cosmology, Literature, and other Arts were first developed in Kmt ‘Land of Black People’ (so-called Ancient Egypt) just to name a few. Did you know that the people of so-called “Ancient Egypt” did not refer to themselves as “Egyptians” but referred to themselves as Kmt(yw) ‘Black People?’ Were you aware that a series of DNA tests done by geneticists in 2012 and 2013 shows that the closest genetic relatives to the ancient Rulers (Pharoahs) of Kemet are now located in Southern Afrika, the Great Lakes Region of Afrika and Tropical West Afrika followed by the Sahel and the Horn of Afrika? This means that the Kmt(yw) ‘Black People’ of ancient times were your ancestors and you are their descendants. Were you aware that the white arab-types currently found in modern-day Egypt are comparatively recent invaders whose genetic relation to the Afrikan/Black people of Ancient Kmt ‘Land of Black People’ is further away than the distance from Cairo to Cape Town? In this talk we will highlight information known by Afrikans and non-Afrikans throughout the world but which has been systematically and intentionally kept from us through purposive miseducation, dis-education and outright lies. Why were we not told of this information? In this talk, we will build on the work of great scholars such as Cheikh Anta Diop to begin to scratch the surface of the legacies of Kmt ‘Land of Black People’ and discuss the implications of the ongoing systematic and intentional disinformation campaign in the context of the theme Why Kemet Matters.


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